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  1. Disabled Activists Win Battle for Independent Care
  2. Public transit not wheelchair-friendly
  3. Panel Calls for Big Changes in Medicaid
  4. Gifts that keep giving
  5. Deaf boy's dog barred from LI school; NYS to investigate
  6. Shocks From the System
  7. NYS Human Rights Office Investigates Barring of Service Dog
  8. Long Island School resolute against service dog
  9. Bill to protect the disabled in out-of-state schools
  10. Comment on disabled Access to National Parks by April 2!
  11. Who Will Care?
  12. For War's Gravely Injured, Challenge to Find Care
  13. Bill in Congress intended to aid aides
  14. Supreme Court Justices to Hear Case on Wages of Home Aides
  15. New Mobility Magazine
  16. They're dumping paras on the street in California!
  17. Special-Needs Trust a good idea for providing for the future
  18. A growing nationwide problem!
  19. and in the "short term", people starve, too!
  20. The Wrong People are Paying for High-Level Corruption
  21. In the public eye with a disability
  22. One of the few future career growth areas...
  23. Wheelchair users need to know...
  24. How the disabled can discharge student loans
  25. Disability news from USA and other countries
  26. No kidding!
  27. Labor protections for growing # of HHAs still lacking
  28. Meet my seeing-eye cat!
  29. man dies after armless artist's head-butt
  30. new weapon which wirelessly transmits nerve pain
  31. female hormone helps heal brain injuries
  32. Minnesota to Manhattan in a wheelchair honoring veterans
  33. theraputic riding center in Manhattan, Kansas a calling
  34. Guide to adaptive athletics in NYC & the USA
  35. Japan developing new tech to help aged and decrepit
  36. USA's prisons full of aged and disabled
  37. Sesame Street DVD for injured veterans deals w disabilities
  38. The Future of Aging & Home-Centered Health Care
  39. National repurcussions of spec ed Supreme Court case
  40. Grim dianosis isn't a license to splurge : manage your $
  41. Models in Germany!
  42. CMS Moves to Pull Services for People with Mental Illness
  43. Giuliani sez: arm the blind, disabled
  44. A shocking school in Boston
  45. Dem Party against Catholic morals, but Repubs cut svcs
  46. Trend: parents of autist sue school districts 4 pvt tuition
  47. Severely disabled make music w/ new computer tech
  48. life without language explored in new novel
  49. making tubular sclerosis a household name
  50. pvt placement 4 spec ed students rare, not so costly
  51. NYC should not be forced to comply with HAVA
  52. Vt. woman wants to keep service mini-horse Landlord says no
  53. disabled kids suffer when pets die or equip stolen
  54. blacks more likely than whites to be aged disabled
  55. NYS disability advocacy nonprofits unite
  56. If disability strikes before enlistment is up...
  57. Roger Ebert with trache tube still reviewing films
  58. Parents of Disabled Students Push for Separate Classes
  59. Pope to meet w/ disabled youth in Yonkers
  60. NYS vets suffer radiation effects, struggle to get benefits
  61. The state of inclusion of people with disabilities on TV
  62. Medicare private plan abuses
  63. Fed benefits sought for disabled 9/11 paramedics
  64. VSA art exhibit for kids with disabilities
  65. Wounded Warriors flock to Catskills for one-legged skiing
  66. Chihuahuas on wheels!
  67. Get 100 Gallons of Heating oil for Free
  68. Crowley: increase Social Security benefits, reduce backlog
  69. Head Injuries lead to LD, homelessness, drug/alcohol problem
  70. Officials want probe of Army & VA help for injured soldi
  71. PWD’s and Others Sought for CSW
  72. AAPD disability vote project:report on PWD poll access
  73. VSA arts competiton for visual artists w disabilities 18+
  74. NYC nonprofit puts disabled actors in natl media
  75. Spitzer scandal may make black blind man gov of NYS
  76. Services for disabled recognized at event
  77. more about NY State's Lt. Gov
  78. March Is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
  79. BlogSwarm to Ratify the Convention on the Rights of PWDs
  80. St Mary's School for the Deaf keeps board mtgs closed
  81. His disability is that he is a jerk
  82. Big Belly in middle age boosts dementia risk in later life
  83. Technology helps replace restraints in nursing homes
  84. home test for bipolar raises controversy
  85. Asylum's renaming insults advocates
  86. Autism: the musical-watch it online!
  87. Appeals Court Ruling A Victory for World Trade Center Rescue Workers
  88. Glitch by US Gov't is Delying Medicare Payments
  89. Minister who walks for causes and helps the disabled
  90. ArtFirst! highlights the power of art to make a positive impact in people’s lives.
  91. Thanks Mom! Bone Marrow donor registry campaign
  92. Lawmakers Question Medicare Bidding Plan
  93. New Protections for Airline Passengers
  94. Help Save Your Mom $3,600!
  95. Chef educates public, restaurant industry about food allergies because his son has em
  96. (HIV) Pos or not?
  97. Disabled Tunisian Artisans have products exhibited at UN
  98. US Banknote denominations to be made distinguishable to the blind-at last!
  99. Many US nursing homes fail to comply with fed standards: fines are too low!
  100. California jails don't accomodate physically disabled inmates properly
  101. The Chinese MEANT well, but...
  102. brain-computer interfaced equip being tested on monkeys
  103. Remembering Harriet McBryde Johnson
  104. Air Travel Horror Stories: write in to
  105. The Letter of the Law...
  106. Gaithersburg School has program to help with social skills and mainstream Aspie kids
  107. Baby Bush to expand and extend Poppy's ADA legislation
  108. call, fax, and e-mail to support Visitability Bill S. 7193 A and A. 6837 B
  109. a challenge for the private sector: making electronic products accessible to the disa
  110. Accessible taxicabs will be available to wheelchair users in Washington DC
  111. VA benefits alert: vets can get econ stimulus checks
  112. If a business has discriminated against you because of your disability...
  113. 2008 National Medicare Workshop to be held at Hilton, NYC
  114. The Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR) seeking your input/comment
  115. U.S. to study access to Liberty's crown for PWDs
  116. Making Playgrounds Wheelchair-friendly in the Tri-State area
  117. Goodbye full Accessibility
  118. Sen. Schumer calls for full compliance w ADA
  119. US DOJ rules New Century Travel must provide wheelchair accessible discount bus svc
  120. Ask The Experts at Kaiser Network live Webcast on State high Risk Insurance Pools
  121. President threatens to veto HR 6331 United Spinal Association letter writing campaign
  122. AAPD wants Sen. Obama, McCain to participate in forum on July 26
  123. New Stock photo agency seeks photos of the disabled
  124. Support Grows for Disabled Job Seekers
  125. New York State comes in last again on HAVA
  126. Governor Paterson Urged To Veto Segway Bill
  127. Your input wanted on updated ADA legislation
  128. In Switzerland, complete care covered for autistic Swiss citizen
  129. A Trip to NY Gives Wounded Veterans A Break from Hosp routine
  130. Teri Garr: Post-aneurysm, comedy keeps her going
  131. tactilely distinguishable currency hearing:
  132. PWD info from Census data – very interesting!
  133. PWD Groups Weigh Boycott of 'Tropic Thunder'
  134. Letter from NCIL President about Presidential Candidates' Disability Policies
  135. Press Release: VPG Completes $160 Million Equity Financing
  136. new novel from 93 year old former care home inmate in England
  137. Brain Dead Bureaucrat Watch: VA Blocks Voter Registration at Vets' Hospitals
  138. Need web testers-Stipend paid-FAST RESPONSE NEEDED
  139. Report Rejects Medicare Boast of Paring Fraud
  140. Lawyer advocates for accomodations for hearing-impaired
  141. Autism symptoms reversed in lab
  142. Families Raising Disabled Children Struggling Financially Fin
  143. 'Tongue computing' could help disabled
  144. Blind Actress Sought for Role of Alice in HBO Film - Details attached.
  145. On a National Stage, Paterson Takes an Aggressive Approach
  146. knfb Mobile Reader
  147. Target Settles Web Suit V. Nat'l Fed of the Blind
  148. NYT: U.S. Open ’08: Triathlete? Ball Girl? Amputee? All of the Above.
  149. Pushing the Limit, a Fencer Is Heading to the Paralympics, in a WC
  150. Editorial: Medicare’s Troubling Drug Gap NYT 9/2/08
  151. Using technology to keep the letter of the Law: Shabbat scooters & wheelchairs
  152. ADAPT Promises Pre-Election Surprises in D.C. to Get Community Choice Act Passed
  153. Palin Pledges to be PWD "Friend and Advocate" in White House
  154. Presidential Campaign Websites Fail Accessibility & Usability Tests
  155. 91% of People With Disabilities Believe They Receive Less Attention From Presidential
  156. WSJ Examines record of Repub VP Nominee palin on health Care, other issues
  157. Paralympic Athletes Add Equality to Their Goals
  158. Court Says the Blind Will Have Meaningful Access to Currency
  159. ADAPT to be in DC Sept 13-18
  160. tv, Inc. Programming Intern: help create TV with & about PWDs
  161. Spout Film Festival tours the nation
  162. traveling disability rights exhibit tours USA
  163. Disability and the Presidential Election in the Media
  164. Federal judge: Airports, airlines subject to ADA rules
  165. Remembering 9/11: How the disabled experienced the aftermath
  166. Disabled vets redeploy - to Beijing Paralympics
  167. Senate Passes ADA Amendments Act!
  168. The BiPolar Puzzle What does it mean to be a child with bipolar?
  169. Murderball muscles into Paralympics
  170. Nation's Low Income People with Disabilities Left Behind in Election year
  171. NYT: Sen version of ADA Restoration passes House - goes to Bush
  172. Rangel Calls Palin 'Disabled,' Recants (because fuss ensued)
  173. Employers hiding discrimination?
  174. arrestees for ADAPT need your financial help!
  175. Zipcar expands services to PWDs
  176. No Rescue For the Hungry (Washington Post)
  177. Oops they did it again! Medicare Stops Paying to Treat Medical Errors
  178. Federal Laws Can Overcome Barriers to the Ballot
  179. Acting CMS Administrator Weems Announces Efforts To Reduce Medicare Fraud in 7 States
  180. The ADA Amendments Act of 2008
  181. The Unspeakable Odessy of the Motionless Boy
  182. Med Suppliers' Medicare Billings Used Dead Doctors' Names
  183. Enabling the Vote
  184. Action Alert: Medicare for people with disabilities & the bailout
  185. How Much to Tip for Wheelchair Assistance in Airports
  186. FEMA guide: preparedness for Special Needs & online training for Emergency Responders
  187. Some Cut Back on Prescription Drugs in Sour Economy
  188. New National Center For Parents With Disabilities
  189. Fact Sheet: Prenatally & Postnatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act
  190. Social Security Announces Nationwide Launch of Compassionate Allowances
  191. Women with disabilities at risk for partner abuse
  192. USU students' survey for power wheelchair users needs your input now!
  193. NGA Calls for Medicaid Funding To Be Included in Potential Econ Stimulus Package
  194. First live captioned radio broadcast: NPR's presidential election coverage for Deaf &
  195. Volunteer for UCP twitter patrol and tell all about wheelchair accessibility at polls
  196. downloadable film from Alliance for Justice: Access Denied? the Fight for Corporate A
  197. The Mental Patient Vote
  198. NBC to Air Stirring Documentary on 2008 Paralympics
  199. Jets Lineman an Inspiration to Those With Epilepsy
  200. Notice of Class Action in ACB's Suit Against SSA
  201. Veterans' groups sue for faster disability rulings
  202. tra la la blip disabled rock group makes music with new technology
  203. Lawmakers, Advocacy Grps Call for Elimination of Waiting Period B4 qualify 4 Medicare
  204. Alliance for Justice docu Access Denied? released
  205. fight the cutbacks: bus to Albany
  206. Become A Mentor for Disabled Youth via the internet
  207. Man in wheelchair allegedly hides cash in leg
  208. NYTimes Well: A New Face for A.D.H.D., and a Debate
  209. NY Times: Foundation Starts Health Policy News Service
  210. BLINDSPOTS: movie reviews for the visually impaired
  211. NYT: New MAP Rules Allow States to Set Premiums & Higher Co-Payments
  212. Fowl foul: Thanksgiving dinner stolen
  213. Getting Burned Alive The Abortion Issue
  214. The Black Balloon: based on the story of a family with a severely autistic son
  215. 'Lame' Ducks Out to Cripple ADA Again
  216. Poverty = kids' brain disabilities?
  217. Last Chance: Tell us who you think is Naughty or Nice by Tomorrow!‏
  218. Obama, Lawmakers Expanding Health Measures in Stimulus Plan
  219. Entrepreneurial Edge: Software That Opens Worlds to the Disabled
  220. Creature Comforts
  221. Language & Disability from the New York Times
  222. The little girl who had Schuyler's Monster and the little dog who saved her
  223. It Can Happen to Even The Most High and Mighty
  224. Obama must address the needs of the blind, disabled
  225. NYTimes editorial: Caring for the Caregivers
  226. Disabled Get Last Laugh on MTV's 'News'
  227. Please Call Now to Save IL Funding!
  228. Company accused of exploiting disabled; state closes home
  229. Act Now: Ask Congress to keep Independent Living in the Stimulus Bill!
  230. Does LAX Drug Bust Justify Aggressive Screening of Wheelchair-Bound Travelers?
  231. Concert for the deaf and the hard of hearing in Toronto
  232. Activists protest award for comedian
  233. Stop the Proposed Cut to SSI Benefits!
  234. Don't end EPIC & Medicaid Coverage when Part D Plans Refuse to pay
  235. Economic Recovery Payments For Soc Sec & Ssi Recipients
  236. Abilities Expo Seacaucus NJ scheduled events & transit info
  237. POLITICS: Harkin, Davis Set to Introduce ADAPT's Community Choice Act March 24
  238. Social Security benefits training in April-pay it forward!
  239. Making An Accessible Home Out of A Small House
  240. Un-f-ing believeable in Texas
  241. For The Dignity of Psychiatric Patients: Could the Hospice Model Of Care Work?
  242. Senator Harkin and Representative Davis Introduce Community Choice Act Today, 3/24
  243. NYS CCA co-sponsors S 683 & HR 1670
  244. ALS TDI President Succumbs To ALS
  245. Econ Stimulus payment to go to SSI recipients, too
  246. So far, SNY closed to captioning
  247. New COBRA Changes Reduce Premiums by 65%
  248. Talking in color: imaging helps social skills
  249. National Council on Disability: Glass Is Half Full, and Filling
  250. A Seeing Eye Mini-Horse Guides Blind Muslima in Michigan