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  8. Medicaid cuts pose serious threats
  9. Up and Then Down: The Lives of Elevators
  10. National Rehab Exemption Call-in Day
  11. May 22: Call-in Day to Exempt Complex Rehab from Competitive Bidding
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  17. Matthew Reeve to run in New York City Marathon
  18. blog on the subject of employment obstacles faced by adults with autism
  19. The Deal With Disability
  20. Paterson Denies That White House Asked Him Not To Run
  21. Good News for People with Disabilities
  22. Gems for Sight: jewelry designs from blind artist
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  25. New York Warriors Quad Rugby
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  27. Riding the Elevator Into the Sky
  28. The Outsider Art Fair 2011
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  31. Paraplegic/wheelchair-using actor wanted for Spoon Theater production "Handicapping"
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  34. Zach Anner visits New York City in a quest for the rainbow bagel
  35. Casting a commercial, looking for para-cyclists
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