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  1. Make calls to protest cuts on Monday 11/17
  2. Urge Gov. Patterson & NYS Legislators to Reform State Personal Income Tax
  3. Urge NYS leaders to restore the SSI cut! Call Tuesday 3/3!
  4. SIGN ON: Letter to exempt $250 stimulus payment from state benefits
  5. Urge Legislators to preserve Medicaid pharmacy benefits for people with psychiatric d
  6. Want to make Timothy's Law permanent? Call your legislators!
  7. Save Early Intervention Services In NY State From Your Desktop
  8. Disability Priority Agenda Action Alert Call NY State Legislators
  9. Rally for Health Care for All 4/4 2-4pm Harlem
  10. Deaf Advocates press AG Bell Association to end discrimination!
  11. Petition to ask Amazon to make Kindle 2 accessible for those with print disabilities
  12. Hunt for CCA supporters
  13. Call Your Legislators on Thursday, April 16‏
  14. Community Choice Act Action Alert
  15. ALERT: Dept. of Ed pulls grant for video description on public television‏
  16. Proposed Guidelines on Assessment of and Intervention with Individuals who have Disab
  17. Help Get & Keep Us Out of Nursing Homes
  18. Disability History Week bills in NYS Senate & Assembly seeking letters of support
  19. Action Alert: Post comments on Poll Site Access and Split Shift Bills‏
  20. National Call-In Day May 13th: Ensure that the Community Choice Act and Long-Term Ser
  21. Urge Assembly Chair Brennan To Jump Start Stalled Taxi Bill‏
  22. Take Action! Help Move the Pollin Site Access Bill- S.1058A!
  23. Community Choice Act & Healthcare Reform‏
  24. Write to remove the R-word from the govt bureaucracy that deals with it
  25. Call your Representative get CCA as a demonstration project
  26. Tell your NYS Assembly Member to vote “YEA” on K743
  27. Landmark Communications and Video Accessibility Legislation Introduced--Urge Your to
  28. July 9: Ask your Congressperson to co-sponsor IDEA Fairness Restoration Act
  29. Contact Your Congressional Representative: Ask Them to Support the Davis Letter!
  30. link to MDA's current action campaigns
  31. Letter writing campaign to support Poll Site Accessibility bills
  32. Support Inclusive Home Design
  34. Urge Governor Paterson to Sign Polling Place Access Bill Into Law
  35. Urge Senate to Add Community First Option‏
  36. Issue: Call Governor Paterson to urge him to sign Title II into state law
  37. SSAN Action Alert
  38. E-mail to enforce law against illegal parking in handicapped zones
  39. Contact Your Senators - Tell them that the Community First Choice Option and CLASS Ac
  40. ADAPT Action Report
  41. ADAPT: take action today for Community Choice Act
  42. National Day of Action for Healthcare THIS TUES. OCT. 20
  43. Senate Finance Committee Budget Hearing NYC Monday Oct. 26
  44. Ensure the CFC Option and CLASS ACT Remain in Healthcare Reform
  45. Stop Proposed Massive Cuts of Health and Home Care Services
  46. Stop the Governor’s Proposed Cuts to Health and Home Care Services
  47. Tell your legislators to reject the proposed massive cuts to health and home care ser
  48. NCIL Officially Endorses the Affordable Health Care
  49. Cost of Delay vigils Dec. 8 accross NYC 5pm
  50. ACTION ALERT: Final push for better final health care reform bill in Congress
  51. Help keep the Spinal Cord Injury Research Board / Trust Program (SCRIP) alive
  52. ADAPT Steps It Up to Ask Congress to End the Institutional Bias
  53. ADAPT's Take 5 Campaign
  54. ADAPT Celebrates Community First Choice Option in Health Care Reform
  55. Survey: Long-Term Care
  56. Act Now – Urge Your Representative to Co-sponsor H.R. 3101!
  57. Participate in Survey Research on Pedestrian friendliness AARP NY & Create The Good
  58. Aids Walk
  59. ADAPT Strikes American Hospital Association Conference in DC
  60. Urge Your Rep To Attend Briefing On Fed Benefits Assistance For Mentally Ill Released
  61. Call Albany Today to Urge Extension not Permanence for Kendra's Law
  62. New Date For Accessible Taxicab Hearing June 11th
  63. NY'ers, call Sen. Sampson today!
  64. @ Dozen ADAPT Activists Protesting Nancy Pelosi
  65. Spread the "Disabilities Don't Wait Video" via e-mail!
  66. Help pass the able act in this congress!
  67. Urge Speaker Silver to take action on Visitability
  68. ALERT!-Landmark Tech Access Bill Needs Your Advocacy This Week
  69. Issue: Urge Governor Paterson to sign A.629/S.2752 in to law!
  70. Urge Gov Paterson to sign the Title II bill into law
  71. Action Needed Before Friday, July 30 Stop Home Care Cuts in your State!
  72. Only 24 Hours left to sign on to USICD's letter to Senators Kerry and Lugar indicatin
  74. Act Now (Wed 8/11): Tell CMS to Create Fund to Transition PWDs out of Nursing Homes!
  75. Governor Paterson has a second chance to sign the Poll Site Access Bill
  76. Rally in support of bill prohibiting housing discrimination based on source of income
  77. Urge Gov. Paterson to Sign the Veterans' Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Act
  78. Survey about how family members are affected by disability
  79. Federal DHHS survey on individuals with DD & their families
  80. recruiting participants for an on-line study for autistic adults
  81. medical device questionnaire
  82. Online Survey Studying Job Accommodation Needs WorkRERC
  83. NYU Child Study Center is recruiting volunteers for a research study
  84. Parents/primary caregivers of PWDs 12-22 national research study
  85. Survey on workplace accommodations
  86. Public comments September-October
  87. phone survey on bladder management medical devices
  88. Bombard Paterson to Sign the Poll Site Access Bill
  89. The People First Language Pledge web page
  90. Monroe Co abruptly ended long-standing contract w consuer direct personal assistance
  91. donate to Antos family fund
  92. Help ADAPT tell HUD We Need More Accessible, Affordable, Integrated Housing!
  93. Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) seeks input on 8 strategic initiati
  94. Getting Out The Disability Vote, teleconference & CART over internet
  95. Does Your Congressperson supporth the Community Choice Act? Find Out!
  96. Survey on TV Captioning
  97. OPWDD Seeks Parents/Caregiver Input on Autism Survey
  98. Sign Petition To help Save Games for Physically Challenged in NY
  99. Don't Cut Soc Sec & Medicare National Call-In Day: Tuesday, November 30th
  100. Call Congress protect your access to the Complex Rehab Technology
  101. Consumer Advocate Scholarships Available!
  102. Social Security COLA for 2011 -- Vote in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday‏
  103. Get Active to Protect Entitlements! (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid)
  104. 12/21 noon, rally to protest Dept. of Finance layoffs at Chambers St & Centre St
  105. Action Alert: Your help needed to secure accessible taxis!
  106. Urgent - sign on to letter asking us to drop suit charging fraud in medicaid personal
  107. FCC seeks public input on closed captioning
  108. submissions open for computer contest
  109. DOJ Seeks Comments on Revising ADA Regulations
  110. Survey and Census Requests for the Blind and Deaf-Blind Community
  111. Call Congress Today to Support Health Care Reform
  112. Let's find ways To Cut Medicaid Expenses Without Cutting Services
  113. Uninsured Americans to Speaker Boehner: Will You Cry for Us?
  114. FEMA Seeks Applicants for National Advisory Council
  115. NYS Medicaid Redesign Team proposals for public comment
  116. 49 Suggestions for Cutting Billions in State’s Medicaid Costs
  117. LTCCC Action Alert: Protect Access to Justice for Victims of Nursing Home Abuse & Ne
  118. President’s 2012 Budget Proposes Harmful Changes to IL Program: Act Now!
  119. Make Comments on Accessible Instructional Materials‏
  120. Take Action Now The Truth about Social Security
  121. Lever machines should not be used in local elections!
  122. Information Alert: Senate Hearing on Employment for People with Disabilities
  123. Tell Your Senators to VOTE AGAINST budget cuts to the Social Security Administration!
  124. Community & Stakeholder Meetings on Consumer Assistance and the New Health Care Law
  125. Senate to Vote on Draconian Cuts to Vital Programs and Services for Vulnerable Americ
  126. Support 4201 Schools and Oppose Cost Shift to Local School Districts‏
  127. Tell your state legislators to protect people with serious illnesses and disabilities
  128. Assemblyman Ortiz and Assemblyman Rivera Stand Up to Oppose Proposals 11 & 15 of Medi
  129. Health Commissioner endorses CFC
  130. The Games for the Physically Challenged: Now We Need to Raise Funds
  131. Parents and Guardians of Children with Special Needs:Speak out
  132. Sen. Carlucci asks Gov. Andrew Cuomo for funding be restored to the OPWDD
  133. Disability Rights law firm investigating the wheelchair accessibility of NYC Taxis
  134. Online survey of families of students with disabilities in New York due 4/4
  135. sign the petition concerning budget cuts to shelter homeless and the Advantage housin
  136. Legislation relating to the instruction on the history of PWDs
  137. Don't Block Grant Medicaid / Don't Privatized Medicare
  138. NYS agencies working on practical ideas 2 streamline agency activities ask your input
  139. for people with SCI
  140. survey employers & HR professionals about their perceptions of workplace accomodation
  141. TBA recruitment of subjects for drug trial for non-24 hour Sleep Wake Disorder
  142. NYC survey on taxis & car services
  143. NYC Board of Elections short survey to share their experience voting on 11/02/10
  144. Contact your City Council Member to ask them to Support Bill 433 wheelchair taxis
  145. Surveys: Community Participation; Personal Attendant Services Study; Community Engage
  146. Regional (NY & NJ) Travel Survey
  147. online survey on how PWDs use wireless products like cell phones and text messages
  148. studies for autistic adults: health care inequities & Internet Use, Community, & Well
  149. US Access Board Seeks Comment on Access to Shared Use Paths
  150. Survey for parents of students with disabilities in NYC public school system
  151. Grassroots Organizing for Federal Budget Advocacy telephone conference
  152. AIDS Walk NY
  153. Oppose Medicaid Block Grants Urge Senate Finance Committee and Your Senators to Fight
  154. Law firm wants to speak to paratransit users about experiences after 6/10
  155. Investigating the accessibility of NYC taxis
  156. Tell CMS that you support Community FIRST!
  157. sign the petition concerning budget cuts to shelter homeless & the Advantage housing
  158. U of Mich survey on PWDs identities & experiences
  159. Equal Rights Center Disability Rights Program Survey
  160. Online survey for public comment period 2012-2016 on State Plan
  161. NYS Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness Priorities comment
  162. Priorities of the Interagency Coordinating Council for Services for Deaf, D-B, HoH
  163. ADAPT to Washington: "Stop De-funding Our FREEDOM!"
  164. NYC eliminates Karsan (only wheelchair-accessible entry) from Taxi of Tomorrow
  165. Support IDEA Fairness Restoration Act on May 4th‏
  166. ADAPT protests in Congress against massive Medicaid cuts
  167. ADAPT Takes Its Message Directly to Rep. Ryan! Calls Needed Immediately!
  168. Oppose Medicaid Block Grants
  169. New Rule Proposed to Improve Employment of Veterans
  170. New Financial Need Policy Proposal
  171. NYS Interagency Coordinating Council for Services for Persons who are
  172. Medicaid Budget Cuts Triggering Illegal Cuts in Certified Home Health Services -- Kno
  173. Help NY get moving on health care reform implementation -- THIS WEEK!‏
  174. Support the IDEA Fairness Restoration Act
  175. Autism Insurance NYS Legislation call Gov. Cuomo
  176. call the Assembly for Patient Protection
  177. ALBANY UPDATE: What YOU can still do to advance and improve health insurance exchange
  178. State legislation for special education under consideration
  179. Please complete idea survey by july 12, 2011
  180. Urgent Alert: Call Speaker Boehner's District and DC Offices Now
  181. Health Access Coalition survey on disabled usability of doctors' offices & hospitals
  182. Rally for REAL Medicaid Reform in Washington DC
  183. The White House has responded to our advocacy; Keep up the pressure on Congress!
  184. A Call To Preserve Medicare
  185. Urge Congress to Reform, Not Cut, Medicaid
  186. Urge the President, Congress, and the Public to Support Medicaid!
  187. Tell your 9/11 story to Able newspaper
  188. MY Medicaid Matters -- Needs You
  189. Nationwide rally to Protect Medicaid 9/21
  190. Disability Rights Activists Plan Direct Action & Civil Disobedience In DC Mon & Tues
  191. Survey on Women with Disabilities and Breast Cancer
  192. Off B'way production needs 2 manual WC for Costa Rehab (with a program credit)
  193. Dish on NYC sidewalk problems to DRA
  194. AAR & Language Access
  195. CDC 60 sec emergency preparedness video contest
  196. contest for Facebook personal preparedness apps
  197. Do Something: Step Up to Bullying Scholarship Campaign
  198. Families USA National Call-In to Protect Medicaid
  199. Tell your Representative in Congress that MY MEDICAID MATTERS!
  200. Win Free Tickets to NCLDs celebrating the Schools Luncheon by tweeting about it
  201. Health Care for the 99%" solidarity march with Occupy Wall St., WED. OCT. 26, 4 p.m.
  202. Long-Term Care Program Under Attack!
  204. Help Preserve Funding for Comprehensive Literacy Today!
  205. Support the CLASS Program! Write Now!
  206. Call Your Senators: Both Parties Propose Cuts to Social Security, Medic
  207. Petition calling for wheelchair-accessible taxis
  208. Contact The Ways & Means Committee to Protect Long-Term Care
  209. Discuss sustainable, good-quality care for people with disabilities in NYC
  210. Changes to ESEA in Your State Could Impact Your Child's Education
  211. Historian gathering info on 1980s DIA Speaks Radio Show
  212. 1.Disability Rights Advocates researching construction site sidewalk access barriers
  213. inaccessible point-of-sale devices in Walmart & other retail establishments
  214. NYLPI is investigating AAR's failure to provide interpreters & translated materials
  215. Tell CIDNY about experiences with inaccessible healthcare facilities
  216. Participate in CIDNY's Access Project!
  217. Fighting for Home and Community-Based Care!‏
  218. Oppose HR 1173's repeal of the CLASS Act!
  219. Report sidewalk obstructions here!
  220. Call Now: Congress May Vote Today to Crush Public Transpiration!Take Action!
  221. Dislabled film crew needs your donations, fundraising ability
  222. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services are under attack! TAKE ACTION!
  223. Urgent Action Needed Wed to protect consumer direction services
  224. House Hearing on the Companionship Rules Tue
  225. Expand Donated Dental Service-like Programs
  226. Tell the Assembly to support vets' mental health in the final NYS Budget!
  227. Not Dead Yet requests your help!
  228. 4/18 National Call-in Day for Complex Rehab Technology
  229. Tell Congress not to chip away at the ADA!
  230. Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Project threatened with discontinuation
  231. Drop the Medicare In Home Rule Now
  232. ACTION ALERT!People with disabilities need employment services
  233. ADA Transportation Survey - Please do it and share on your networks
  234. Organizations: Please sign a letter urging the Senate to reject the House decision to
  235. Access Board is seeking comments about proposed accessibility standards for
  236. NYC Wheelchair Dancers Needed for PUSH GIRLS Flash Mob!!!
  237. Action Alert: Medicaid
  238. Take Action Now! Critical Vote on Spending Priorities set for June 12: Tell Congress
  239. Write in & describe difficulties w self-serve gas stations experienced as a PWD
  240. Cuts to Section 8 and Fixed Income Advantage threaten housing for PWDs
  241. Governor Cuomo Announces that New York Will Request a Federal Waiver to Invest $10 Bi
  242. Do _not_ take action on this one!...
  243. Press Conference: Fair Wages for Workers WDs Act of 2011
  244. Fw: Please Help to Protect New York's Dual Eligible Patients! Deadline: JUNE 30th!
  245. public comment on amending ADA & ABA Accessibilty Guidelines 4 FEMA traile
  246. Urge Congressional leaders to support passage of the Workforce Investment Act of 2012
  247. Phone calls to oppose the expansion of Kendra’s law
  248. Dyslexia Bill in NYS Assembly
  249. Survey for upcoming Statewide Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) in NY for 2014-2016
  250. AHRC Family Education Survey