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  1. Paterson’s Office Is Not Amused by ‘SNL’ Skit
  2. Protection & Advocacy for NYS voters
  3. US states can divert stimulus aid for Medicaid--NY
  4. Employment in Albany, NY State
  5. Contestants Needed for Ms. Wheelchair NY!
  6. 4 dead in New York State group home fire
  7. State Now Accepting Applications for New York Prescription Saver Card
  8. Governor announces roll-out of NY Prescription Saver Card‏
  9. New york prescription saver card beginning april 1
  10. State gets 4-year, $1 million grant for traumatic brain injuries
  11. Paterson Does Gymnastics, Mocks Everyone at Charity Dinner
  12. Albany can prevent patients from becoming perps to treat their illness
  13. Landmark gathering of Stem-Cell researchers in Albany, Child Health insurance program
  14. NYSILC Recruiting New Council Members‏
  15. State Requires Flu Vaccination for Caregivers
  16. Gov. Paterson's visual impairment hurting ability to govern
  17. State Discriminated Against Mentally Ill, Judge Rules
  18. Newsday: NY governor signs 60 bills, vetoes 18 (includin several re PWDs!)‏
  19. SNL Makes Fun of Paterson (Again)
  20. NY's betrayal of the disabled
  21. Rupert Murdoch blames New York State's problems on Governor Paterson's disability
  22. Legislature Protects People with Disabilities from Severe Budget Cuts
  23. Paterson makes wisecrack about state legislature
  24. NY State Medicaid Leaks Millions
  25. UFT rips charter schools on lack of inclusion of high-needs students, based on new un
  26. State of the State speech in sign
  27. Budget knife cuts spine research
  28. Brain injury suit filed, but crisis avoided for now
  29. Advocates Believe New York May Be Next to Legalize Medical Marijuana
  30. NY Post Cartoon: Gov. Patterson's Seeing-Eye Dog Resigns
  31. State Lawyers Denied Access to Patients
  32. Changes to State Parks Access Pass Program which provides NYS residents with certain
  33. Developers must make housing accessible
  34. Hud charges new york landlords with discriminating against veteran with disabilities
  35. Assembly Passes Bing’s Legislation to Ensure Fair Housing Opportunities for Disabled
  36. The disabled face Hard Choices As States Slash Medicaid
  37. obituary for a guide dog
  38. Long Island, NY: Hundreds Gather to Speak Out Against MTA’s Able-Ride Cuts
  39. Possible Name Change For Agency With 'Retardation' in the title, mixed feelings ensue
  40. Albany Lawmakers Pass Big Cuts In Health Care
  41. New York State Legislature Passes Disability-related legislation
  42. Bill Passed in Albany to Make Insurers Pay for Autism Care
  43. U.S. Appeals Court Lifts Stay on Relocating Mentally Ill
  44. Gov. Paterson Announces OMRDD to Become Office for People with Developmental Disabili
  45. The Statue of Liberty evacuated over faulty sensor
  46. MDA Summer Camp Counselor
  47. Before Breast Is Removed, a Discussion on Options
  48. Governor signs addabbo bill to expand available polling places for disabled
  49. Wii balance board-controlled robot a hit with toddlers in Ithaca
  50. Direct Support Professionals Week Proclaimed by Gov. Patterson
  51. At $4,556 a day, N.Y. disabled care No. 1 in nation
  52. Camphill Village Copake, NY accepting applications for 20 openings
  53. autism insurance bill turns divisive
  54. Gov. Patterson signs anti-bullying bill
  55. Governor Paterson Announces $28 Million in Awards to Not-for-Profit Groups for
  56. Center for Disability Services Cuts 10 Jobs
  57. Bills the Gov signed & vetoed that impact PWDs
  58. Paterson’s No. 2 Calls for Medicaid Overhaul
  59. NY State pays out lots of overtime to State employees
  60. American Council of the Blind of New York Convention 2010‏
  61. Governor Paterson appears on Saturday Night Live
  62. NY State defends highest cost in nation for mentally disabled
  63. NY State A Leader in Confining Mentally Disabled
  64. Statement by Medicare Rights Center Pres Joe Baker on the Rivlin-Ryan Proposal
  65. Governor Paterson Accepts Report on State Assumption of Medicaid Administration
  66. Paterson to attend Helen Keller Services for the Blind school after leaving office
  67. When Mental Patients Sue the State, they may get billed to the max for their "care"
  68. Hagedorn Little Village School offers peak at kids' progress by installing cameras in
  69. Sen. Addabbo Introduces Bill to Enlarge Print on Election Ballots
  70. Governor Cuomo Announces Members Of The Medicaid Redesign Team
  71. Community First Choice Option proposed regulations are released and MFP grants awarde
  72. Governor cuomo accepts recommendations from the medicaid redesign team
  73. A School Topples Hurdles to Learning Nassau County
  74. Historic progress made in reforming medicaid in new york state
  75. Empire Ctr for NYS report on LTC
  76. Pound Ridge NY Parents Charged With Endangering The Welfare Of Autistic Teens
  77. Ethics complaint: Gov. Cuomo's Medicaid-fix pros too cozy with hospitals
  78. At State-Run Homes, Abuse and Impunity
  79. Health Commissioner Endorses New Federal Model to Help Elderly, Disabled NYers
  80. NYS Budget Deal Takes Shape
  81. Funds & Sponsorships needed for Games For The Physically Challenged in Nassau County
  82. Cuomo Strikes Deal on New York Budget With Big Cuts
  83. State to Restore $5.5 Million for Children with Developmental Delays
  84. New NYS budget includes major cuts to a broad range of health, education, & human svc
  85. Ramping Up Accessibility While Lowering Costs in LI's paratransit system
  86. NYFAHC: Advancing Health Security by Ensuring Strong (State) Exchanges‏
  87. Mildly Retarded Man Guilty of Raping, Torturing Sister
  88. Nysilc seeking candidates to serve as council members
  89. The NYS Board Of Regents now uses the term "intellectual disability" in lieu of MR
  90. Toolkit to help states/territories learn to pass disability history legislation
  91. Legislation introduced aimed at age segregation in NY's Mental Health system
  92. Young Adults with Disabilities/Sponsorships to Attend Leadership Trainings
  93. Hudson River Psychiatric Hospital to Close
  94. Cultural attractions in the Hamptons need induction loops for HoH
  95. Nurse Staffing Levels and Hospital Community Advisory Boards Among Issues Advancing i
  96. A Visit To The Museum of disAbility History in Buffalo, NY
  97. US DoL gives $20 million to fund state-run programs to improve employment for PWDs
  98. A Failure to Protect
  99. Health Care for All New Yorkers Bill Introduced - "New York Health" Single Payer Plan
  100. Personal Care Services Changes for Non-Dual (Medicaid only) Eligible Persons Particip
  101. State's top Medicaid-fraud cop asked to resign
  102. K735-2011: Memorializing Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to proclaim September 2011 as Charc
  103. Assembly approves legislation to protect
  104. Proposed Special Ed legislation
  105. New Law Means Easier Access to Hospice Care
  106. Commissioner Towns Announces Air Conditioners Available for Low-Income New Yorkers wi
  107. Changes To Medicaid Managed Care in August & October
  108. DOH: Mandatory Managed Care Enrollment of SPMI Adults, SED Kids Begins Oct. 1.
  109. Reaping Millions in Nonprofit Care for Disabled
  110. Village of Dexter unveils its handicap-accessible canoe and kayak launch
  111. Mom Shouted ‘Let Him Die’ as Disabled Son Choked
  112. Opening set for ‘War and disABILITY’ Museum of disABILITY History Buffalo
  113. Communal Farm Living Program for adults with ASD, DD started by parent
  114. Deaf man complains nudist festival would not provide interpreter
  115. Handicapped-accessible campground opens on NY lake
  116. Governor cuomo announces joint agreement between opwdd and state police to reform abu
  117. More child with Autism warning road signs to be posted in Amherst, NY
  118. ACCES VR SRC seeks members for 2012-2015 terms
  119. New York Dramatically Expands Mandatory Managed Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries
  120. Online Bachelor’s Degree To Cater To Students With Disabilities By Michelle Diament
  121. Former NYS Gov. David Paterson now on radio
  122. NY to replace food stamps destroyed by Hurricane Irene
  123. Man charged with stealing $204,000 from disabled
  124. LI family sues over jailed man's Taser death
  125. Legal settlement results in 100s of mentally ill leaving nursing homes, getting apts.
  126. State investigates allegation State worker used cattle prod
  127. $5 Million Payment to End Suits Over Death of 13-Year-Old Boy in State Care
  128. State Panel to Review Pay of Leaders at Nonprofits
  129. Propsed legislation Would Warn People When Mentally Ill Move In To Their Neighborhood
  131. .A Sister's Gift Helps Farm Effort for Autism
  132. Disabled gather as workers suspended
  133. 11 Charged in L.I.R.R. Disability Fraud Plot
  134. State could eliminate Medicaid service coordinators for developmentally disabled indi
  135. Deaths In Care
  136. former NY Gov. David Patterson's appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher
  137. Feds say NY law firm barred client's service dog
  138. War & disAbility exhibit continues till Dec. 31
  139. For Disabled Care Complaints, Vow of Anonymity Was False
  140. Technology helps bring out artistry in people with cerebral palsy
  141. Keep Them Safe: New York must adequately staff facilities for disabled
  142. Doctor Makes Prosthetic Limbs For Woman & Her Pet Goat
  143. Webinar on 12/9 about health care for Medicare/Medicaid dual eligibles
  144. Non-profits aiding the disabled rake in State $
  145. Governor cuomo announces agreement reached on taxi legislation
  146. In Treating Disabled, Potent Drugs and Few Rules
  147. Disability Advocate Reacts to New York Governor's Remarks About Meeting the Needs of
  148. U.S. Report Criticizes New York on Monitoring Care of Developmentally Disabled
  149. Mental Health Association in New York State Budget Review
  150. Thief steals double-amputee's Purple Heart wheelchair
  151. Access to Emergency Contraception and Consumer/Provider Protections
  152. DANCE FEATURE: RIT/NTID's "Off The Wall"
  153. Autistic Boy Left On Bus in Long Island
  154. New NYSHealth Report: Integrating Care for Dual Eligible Population
  155. Despite raves Jacob Berelowitz‘s ‘Talk Therapy TV’ show at risk of exiting cable airw
  156. Hyde Park On Hudson, Starring Bill Murray As FDR, Gets A Release Date
  157. NYS Assembly Health Committee Reports 45 Bills
  158. CQCAPWDs is seeking new members for its Advisory Council‏
  159. New York State to begin installing security cameras in vehicles used to transport peo
  160. Cuomo Administration, in Shift, Agrees to Whistle-Blower on Disabilities Panel
  161. Speech Therapy for Children
  162. Gov. Cuomo announces first in the nation reforms to protect people w special needs/di
  163. Ask Assemblyman Gantt to Let Deaf Truck Drivers Drive
  164. Governor Andrew Cuomo to Hold Press Conference on reforms to protect spec needs
  165. Advocates Press for Medical Marijuana Bill
  166. Fw: Governor cuomo presents new legislation to protect vulnerable new yorkers in syr
  167. Senate Passes Bill Creating Monitor for Disabled Care
  168. 125 stores across the State will now be ADA compliant
  169. In Case You Missed It: NYTimes Op-Ed on Medical Marijuana
  170. Legal issues affecting elderly and disabled New Yorkers
  171. Funds Made Available for ADA Accessible Buses
  172. Governor Cuomo Announces that New York Will Request a Federal Waiver to Invest $10 Bi
  173. Proposed bill to put ADA language into NY State Law not an entirely good thing
  174. Medical Marijuana Plan Passes Assembly
  175. A.g. Schneiderman secures agreement with national bus company to ensure equal access
  176. Deal in Albany on Policing Abuse of Disabled
  177. Accommodations for disabled found lacking in parts of Long Island
  178. Companies Shortchanged Preschool Special Education Program, State Audits Find
  179. Nina Eaton of Woodmere, Long Island, founder of UCP, died at the age of 96
  180. Service dog trainer suing N.Y. AG, governor for $75M
  181. LI: Amputee vet gets a 'welcome home' of sorts
  182. Disabled Son of Politician Abused, Parents Say
  183. Stay Updated on Hurricane Sandy
  184. Sandy replacing medication & food
  185. Sandy: SNAP (food stamps) 50% automatic replacement for food lost in storm
  186. Governor cuomo announces application for federal disaster unemployment assistance ex
  187. Former NY Gov. David Patterson on the 2012 elections
  188. Liu grounds taxi of tomorrow
  189. Center for Disability Rights calls on Webster, NY Police Chief Pickering to retract s
  190. Fraud in Preschool Special Education
  191. The Power of a Mom’s Love
  192. ‘Au-Some Evenings’ offers autistic children stress-free fun
  193. Direct Support The Making of A Movement
  194. New York State regulations restrict autism insurance provision
  195. Single-payer health Insurance Plan for NY State to be announced in Albany
  196. New Report: "New York Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) Program: Perspectives o
  197. Seniors and people with disabilities rally across New York State to say “Protect our
  198. Lawsuit against City/State for not providing accessible Food Stamp/Medicaid info
  199. PRESS RELEASE - Medical Marijuana bill introduced
  200. Over-Medicaided NY’s funds cut
  201. Developmentally Disabled Couple To Marry, But Being Denied Housing By Group Homes
  202. Bussani Mobility Club new organization started by van conversion co
  203. Innersight, Inc. Islip-based non-profit disabled advocacy organization w internet rad
  204. Assembly Health Committee Advances Universal Health Care for New York
  205. NY rolls out police training for handling disabled
  206. Assembly Member Micah Z. Kellner fights cuts to OPWDD budget
  207. Them and Them
  208. EEOC Files Class Genetic Information Discrimination Suit Against Corning Rehab Center
  209. Press release - Medical Marijuana passes Assembly
  210. Housing Options for People with Disabilities in NYS on Jul 19, 2013 12:00 PM EDT
  211. ARC camp lets siblings attend camp together
  212. Long Island Teens To Learn Their Fate For Wheelchair Joyride
  213. New York Agency to protect Disabled logs 5,000 abuse calls in the first three weeks
  214. N.Y. AG announces agreements to provide equal access for persons with disabilities
  215. NTID hosts discussion on adaptive technologies
  216. New York Moves to Require Audits of Preschool Special-Education Contractors
  217. Department of Justice Expands Inquiry into New Rochelle's Failure to Evacuate Wheelch
  218. post Super Storm Sandy
  219. UCP of Ulster County Overbilled Medicaid by $2.27 Million
  220. Champions for Charity Kickoff Party at J.Crew 12/5/2013‏
  221. Disabled protesters target nurses' group
  222. Receive testimony concerning the "New York Health" bill
  223. New York Claimed Some Unallowable Costs for Services by New York State Providers Unde
  224. Not Dead Yet opposes NY Assisted Suicide Bill
  225. NY, MA, IL, NM file amicus brief may cut services
  226. Access to the Courts for those with Disabilities
  227. Assembly passes universal healthcare bill
  228. NYS Assembly Hearing Oct. 8: Brain Injury Services in NYS
  229. CMS and New York State Partner to Coordinate Care for Medicare-Medicaid FIDA-IDD
  230. Support Legislation for Increased Mental Health Training For Jail & Prison Staff
  231. CPHS Membership Community groups worry about being left out of Medicaid reform
  232. CNR to Host Screenings as Part of JCC Manhattan ReelAbilities Film Festival
  233. Governor cuomo announces $6.8 million to expand mental health services for children
  234. Statement of Bryan O’Malley, Executive Director of the Consumer Directed Personal Ass
  235. Learn more about Medicaid and Medicare on Medicare Interactive
  236. The CARE Act Is Now In Effect
  237. Schumer: fully funding special ed services would save $ in the long run
  238. Doris Behan gets Sally Johnston Award for Advocacy at CDPAANYS 14th Annual Conference
  239. New Fast-Track Procedure to Apply for Medicaid Home Care if an "Immediate Need" Exist
  240. Report Issued Exposing Patterns of Arbitrary Cuts in Home Care Hours by Some Managed
  241. New York State Is Sued for More Group Homes for the Developmentally Disabled
  242. HRA announces new procedure for Immediate Need Applications for Medicaid and Personal
  243. Governor Signs Historic Education Bill to Teach Mental Health to Youth
  244. Difficulty accessing sufficient homecare services?
  245. Fed, Juge admonishes NYS for warehousing mentally ill
  246. Governor cuomo announces $28.7 million available to fund mobility needs for seniors a
  247. CDPAANYS' 15th Annual Conference will be held on October 25 & 26, 2017 at the Hilton
  248. Legislation to give disabled priority on lower-floor apartments in NYCHA bldgs
  249. Seniors & New Yorkers With Disabilities Are Getting a Property Tax Break Thanks to Le