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  1. The New York Voter's Bill of Rights
  2. Disabled firefighter fights to stay on the job
  3. ‘Sip and Puff' Machines Give Disabled Voters Privacy
  4. Preying On the Vulnerable - Disabled Are Targets of Abuse
  5. Disabled vote tab: 52G each
  6. Machines Get High Marks, If Used
  7. A devastating loss reshapes two lives
  8. Wheelchair softball: Nothing soft but the ball
  9. Transportation for Disabled Doubles in Cost
  10. NYC Special Ed Students Need State Intervention
  11. Court Finds Emergency Crew Ignored Communication Protocol
  12. State Office Orders Rent Increase for New York City HIV/AIDS
  13. Zero Hero Stamp-Aid Flap
  14. Board Of Elections Try Out New Electronic Voting Machines
  15. Incoming leader gives WSF new legs
  16. The Autism Clause
  17. Program that helps disabled people with tax refunds expands
  18. Disabled Racers Split, With Organizers in Middle
  19. Israel’s ‘Marathon Minyan’
  20. Activist for disabled rights dies at 52
  21. A Wheelchair Rivalry Takes Root in the Desert
  22. Federal Hotline Will Open To Field Complaints About Election
  23. Board Of Elections Tests New Voting Systems Ahead Of Electio
  24. These Front-Row Seats Come With a Lot of Sweat
  25. Bernstein sets the pace for athletes with disabilities
  26. National Disability Institute Receives $100,000 from Bank of
  27. Scuba instructor dives into volunteer work
  28. Weighing Hevesi's ethical dilemma
  29. Long Island Couple Accused of Fleecing Retirees
  30. Access-A-Ride complaints roll in
  31. Closures Loom for Community-Focused Hospitals in New York
  32. Opening doors in parks: Special athlete on job
  33. Dogs of war! FDNY gives vets best pal
  34. Combat veteran turns his art toward heroic brethren
  35. Health Funds at Stake, Union Keeps Watch as Spitzer Plans Cu
  36. Obituary: S. Ted Antholis, 67, leading advocate for disabled
  37. Court case to determine whether city should pay...
  38. Gov. Spitzer's effort to cut Medicaid affects seriously ill
  39. Winning the elderly and disabled vote
  40. East of Doheny prod co raises funds for Freedom House
  41. This summer, NY's wheelchair users provided access to beach
  42. Now the Paddy Wagons must have wheelchair tie-downs
  43. Are you in distress?
  44. taxis of the future demonstrated in NYC
  45. Closing of last stable in Manhattan...
  46. Long waiting list for Special Ed for early grades/pre-school
  47. VESID: an agency founded with good intentions
  48. Autism educational product company started by New Yorker
  49. COMPSTAT type monitoring to be implemented at DOE
  50. Shopping carts treated better than customers in wheelchairs
  51. Guiding Eyes for the blind expands to NYC
  52. Access-A-Ride application and screening procedure changes
  53. Preventing coverups/abuse in NY State's mental institutions
  54. Separate school system surveys: hopefully equal?
  55. Victory for coop and condo boards sued for housing discrimin
  56. A good news/ bad news situation
  57. Sexual Assault at upper-Manhattan nursing home
  58. Who among us doesn't have one in the family?
  59. How Wheelchair Accessible is the NYC subway system?
  60. Disabled-rights events in NYC on June 14th
  61. Hearing airs limitations of NYC subway access for disabled
  62. Disabled speaker late because of broken subway elevators
  63. Mercy Homes: respite care, supervised outings to autistic/dd
  64. MTA president personally addresses complaints
  65. The blind leading the wheelchair users
  66. Helping special needs students with life after school
  67. Fedcap's role in overcoming disability-related unemployment
  68. The Justice Dept is investigating broken elevators
  69. If your disability is overactive bladder...
  70. Bureaucratic snafu freezes borrowing for nonprofits
  71. Hikes on rent-controlled apts affect disabled
  72. Head of TA wheels a mile in disabled riders' chair
  73. Whether Hybrid or Guzzler, Taxis Still Not Accessible
  74. MTA puts elevator outages online
  75. Advocate for the disabled dies
  76. Caring for the disabled/elderly in case of a hurricane
  77. Mayor Bloomberg commemorates 17th anniversary of ADA in NYC
  78. Privileged parking permits for the blind? Not a joke.
  79. NYC MTA makes improvements for disabled
  80. disabled man snatched from toilet, beaten during bust
  81. new database helps disabled find accessible housing in NYC
  82. Little oversight against fraud in home healthcare industry
  83. NYFSC starts short-term respite care service
  84. new 1/9 line South Ferry station to be disabled-accessible
  85. Direct care workers rewarded with educational opportunity
  86. flower designs from disabled kids adorn NYC taxis
  87. 9/11 death toll may rise
  88. features audio interviews on eldercare
  89. good news, bad news on the electronic voting machine thing
  90. NYC taking time to install more curb cuts
  91. Home Care Agency serving DD under investigation
  92. Nurses held criminally negligent for resigning en masse
  93. Supreme Court will decide NYC spec. ed. case
  94. NY Court approves settlement for thousands of disabled NYers
  95. hassles b4 Hearing Ear dog permited to attend LI high school
  96. Woman in wheelchair hit by moving train crashes into pillar
  97. 2 hhas implicated in Medicaid scam
  98. Is the best education for LD kids a private education
  99. Medicaid cap eases costs for New York counties
  100. Attorney quits defense of alleged abuser of adopted disabled
  101. Blind woman teaches others, gets BA, wins award
  102. Try public before private before seeking ed reimbursement
  103. disabled students denied extra time, accomodations on PSAT
  104. Hedge Fund execs rock to raise $ for A Leg To Stand On
  105. double amputee to run NYC marathon in handcycle division
  106. The grab bar project goes citywide
  107. State must reimburse low income disabled families
  108. WeCare welfare-to-work program problems
  109. Mayor's Slur of Dead Ground Zero Hero Cop Shameful
  110. Avis awards to 2 disabled NYC marathon runners
  111. NYC Homelessness at an all-time high
  112. Expanding autism help on Long Island
  113. blind marathonner finishes in less than 3 hrs.
  114. A matter of mercy-some hospitals fight to stay open
  115. Disabled Riders Coalition against future fare hike
  116. Caught on video: Giuliani avoiding questions from a pwd
  117. new website a clearinghouse for accessible housing
  118. NYCs PWDs might call 311 for accessible taxi nxt year
  119. lovely restrooms, but are they wheelchair-accessible?
  120. More NYC kids taking NAEP given accomodations 4 disability
  121. Lincoln Center adding ramps other svcs for disabled
  122. HAVA standards inferior to NYCs own
  123. Sunday-show discussions of Giuliani billing issue ignored th
  124. City Pilots Emergency Text Message Alert Program
  125. Drivers For Disabled Go On Strike
  126. Mediator to Enter Talks With Drivers of Wheelchair Vans
  127. Striking drivers for NYC's disabled, bus firms stalemated
  128. NYU child study center's controversial mental illness ads
  129. MTA Rapid Response Plan for Elevators and Escalators
  130. Emergency Alert System Glitch Prompts City Action
  131. Access-A-Ride Workers Ratify Contract, End Strike
  132. How to care for at-risk residents in your community
  133. psych disabled need more supportive housing
  134. new NYC laws, including one for the disabled
  135. Bridge-phobia can be helped with therapy, meds, confronting
  136. fed court sez NYC can stop paying for ed for 24-yr old w CP
  137. Will this lead to more wheelchair access 4 public transit?
  138. PWDs might need more than 15 minutes in the toilet
  139. Transportation options for NY disabled criticized
  140. Where's the van? Access-A-Ride consumers like tracking units
  141. Foxy Brown wants release from Rikers for coachlear repair
  142. NYC shops for next gen taxi at Detroit Auto Show
  143. minorities ill-served by mental health services in NYC
  144. Closing of West Seneca center reflects dramatic changes
  145. We don't want to cause a panic
  146. Disabilities don't keep FREE Players off-stage
  147. Pope is coming to town: will visit disabled kids in Yonkers
  148. NY Pro Bono Team Aids Aged, Ill Immigrants
  149. Therapy dog brings smiles to Putnam Co class: can your pet?
  150. SI school bus operator paid mob during Giuliani admin
  151. Fingerprinting to be waived 4 some PWD food stamp clients
  152. MTA subway trip planner a point
  153. Benefits for some disabled NYers to increase
  154. Rebate Checks may skip seniors, PWDs
  155. Harlem Hellfighter hero of WWI died disabled & poor
  156. Mayor vetoes bill protecting Section 8 tenants from bias
  157. ADA accessibility may be added to regional transit plan
  158. Stop the Congestion Tax e-mail campaign
  159. Separate NYC Bus System for Elderly & Disabled?
  160. Topic about hypnosis help ?
  161. congestion pricing hearing Mon 10 am-I'll be there
  162. State to decide on congestion plan in 2 weeks
  163. when you've gotta go...
  164. 87 more taxi medallions for wheelchair-accessible taxis
  165. An entertaining spin around the Mommy Track in "The Ten-Year Nap"
  166. City Council backs congestion pricing plan
  167. NYS lawmakers approve drug-discount cards
  168. NY Courts forced to hear 9/11 lawsuits
  169. Part of movie filmed from wheelchair by wheelchair user
  170. Polling sites, too, must be accessible
  171. $1 Billion Dollars Later, NYC's subway elevators still fail
  172. It's not a nice gesture, but part of a billable hour!
  173. "I was ashamed to be blind"-the new gov talks about what it was like growing up
  174. Posadas lead fight to help families cope with craniosynostosis
  175. Zagat's should rate restaurants for disabled accessibility, too!
  176. Department of Education Efforts Outpaced by Demand for Special Ed Services
  177. NYSILC seeking candidates to join State Independent Living Council
  178. Shocking Video Shows Brooklyn Hospital's Neglect as Patient Dies in Emergency Room
  179. June Community Forum with Comptroller William C. Thompson
  180. Free Air Conditioner & installation for over 60 and PWDs
  181. new kind of court helps vets with psych disabilities
  182. Job opening: Senior Benefits Counselor Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver
  183. Audit of WeCare program
  184. The Special Ed Shuffle on 311
  185. NYSILC Statewide Disability Travel Survey: Take It!
  186. Looking for wheelchair user, Deaf person for TLC Board
  187. Call Gov. Patterson: urge him to sign A.7277
  188. cooling centers to open for duration of heat wave
  189. The First Annual NY Disabilities Film Festival
  190. Mayor Attacking "Waste" at Board of Elections
  191. Radio announcer's denouncement of autistic kids prompts discussion, petitions
  192. New York won't be able to roll out new voting machines, comply with HAVA in Sept 2009
  193. Metro-North making more stations wheelchair accessible throughout NY State
  194. Wheelchair firm's decision troubles disabled LIers
  195. Foolish Theatre comedy about PWDs seeks production mgr, set designer, + more! paid!
  196. Law allows Segways, similar vehicles, on some NYC streets
  197. High cost of rides for the disabled under MTA
  198. putting our heads together on housing for the very low income disabled in NYC
  199. NYSILC Disability Travel Survey: your input wanted!
  200. solutions to the current practices the NYPD has towards the mentally ill?
  201. Of all people, Gov. Patterson wants to cut Independent Living Centers and PCA wages
  202. U.S Justice Dept. Files Suit Against Major Apartment Developer
  203. advocates await Gov. David Paterson's signing the Integrated Services Bill into law
  204. Gov Patterson laughs at his disability
  205. Rolling through subways & construction with a wheelchair and determination
  206. Strategy meeting on legislation to combat school bullying
  207. Accessible Homes? Not Really, Say Disabled Residents
  208. Parent-to-Parent forming focus group on families with PWDs
  209. last minute change to BMD ballot counting procedures
  210. NYLPI subway survey for blind & visually impaired
  211. Elevators in New York City Housing Authority projects in sad shape
  212. Attached is CIDNY's Ballot Marking Device (BMD) Survey
  213. Paterson Calls Lawmakers "A Bunch of Bloodsuckers"
  214. Everything old is new again: MTA plans to purchase low floor double decker buses
  215. Seeking Volunteers to visit Nick Dupree in hospital on Roosevelt Island
  216. Poughkeepsie Journal: Paterson urges disability-rights groups to keep advocating
  217. Department of Education bus cuts hit special education kids hardest
  218. Realabilities - 1st NY Disabilities Film Festival
  219. Loreen Arbus Offers Scholarship for Disabled Female Filmmaker
  220. City Settles Lawsuit Over Homeless Families
  221. Elderly Deaf Woman Fights Off Mugger In NYC
  222. Paterson Seeks Study of Benefits at L.I.R.R.
  223. YOUR help needed for Disability Mentoring Day Recruitment!
  224. NYC Public Housing Elevator inspectors may now moonlight
  225. Governor Vetoes Requirements for Most Integrated Settings, Board Training
  226. New York Women in Film & Television Offer $2500 Scholarship 4 PWD
  227. Job Opening: Medicaid Service Coordinator
  228. Website Points Pee Pee Dancers in the Right Direction
  229. Help Plan Community Transportation Services for People with Disabilities!
  230. Latest Edition of THE LARGEST MINORITY Radio Show Now Online!
  231. OMRDD Reassesses Residential Development Projects in Light of Fiscal Climate
  232. Study: MTA Still Has A Long Way To Go To Serve Disabled Riders
  233. Still Time for Improvements to Be Made By Mayor & BoE (Elections)
  234. Nick Dupree has moved to New York City
  235. Accessible Taxicabs to Receive Priority at JFK Airport
  236. U.S. Vouchers to Be Used for 8,400 Public Apartments
  237. Accessible Taxi & Livery Forums in all 5 boros
  238. Gov. Patterson votes w help from his wife, new BMDs allow unassisted voting 4 others
  239. NY State Golf Courses Enter LIRR Disability Mess
  240. Paterson Says Schools and Medicaid Face Cuts
  241. Special Camp Fair in January at Church of St. Paul the Apostle
  242. Governor Proposes Cuts In Growth In Education, Medicaid, public U tuiton rise
  243. Behind the Elevator Doors: The Great Unknown
  244. Hearing Schedule-New York City Council: Oversight: Mayor’s November Financial Plan
  245. MTA Backs Para Cuts
  246. Disabled Voter Claims He Was Disenfranchised On Election Day
  247. MTA to hike fares for all, cut services for PWDs
  248. Paratransit riders face more of a burden with price hikes
  249. Opening Doors for the Disabled
  250. Coram: Hit-run wheelchair victim identified