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Autism (8 resources)

Colleges and Universities (3 resources)
Contact information for offices of disability services and access information for colleges and universities on Staten Island.
Home Care (3 resources)


Thursday's Child is an Early Intervention program serving the needs of children diagnosed with PDD/Autism. We utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Discrete Trial Learning in an intensive, individualized, instructional setting. Incidental Teaching and Observational Learning are an additional component used to foster a child's learning and facilitate generalization of learned skills. Sensory needs are addressed using sensory integration techniques which are implemented by all clinical staff. An additional component to enhance socialization skills is available through daily interaction with typically developing peers in a daycare classroom at the center.

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Your online resource for activities and professionals that are dedicated to helping children with special needs on Staten Island.

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A voice behind the wall becomes a lesson for humanity. The daughter of a Willowbrook State School survivor collects articles about the history of the institution and attempts to put former residents in contact with each other.

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Finding reputable help and assistance for seniors on Staten Island.

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Choices Cafe is run by consumers who are supported by a supervisory staff from On Your Mark. They are open Monday through Saturday, serving both breakfast and lunch along with daily specials. You can also stop by for a cup of coffee and relax in our leather couches while you read your paper. You will be delighted with the menu and the service.

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