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The city's first art studio for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Founded in 2002 by The Shield Institute, which assists New Yorkers with developmental disabilities in many ways, Pure Vision provides the space and support to allow creativity to flourish where it otherwise might not.

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The Alpha Workshops is the only not-for-profit organization in the country that trains and employs people living with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. We are an industry pioneer ever since our founding in 1995, both in developing a unique training curriculum and in creating a flexible, supportive workplace responsive to the medical, financial and emotional needs of people living with a chronic illness. Alpha Workshops runs a highly regarded design studio, staffed completely by our trainees and graduates, and is well-known for our handcrafted wallpapers, on-site custom painting, decorative finishes, gilding and handcast lamps.

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In-home arts classes for children on the autism spectrum. Our objective is helping to develop motor skills as well as social skills from artistic ability. We wish to help students become strong and overcome their emotional and physical problems by creating a non-threatening classroom that invites group work and self-growth. With products like paint, clay, collage, and ripping paper; students can learn to multitask and overcome tactile defensiveness and sensory issues. We are also well equipped to work with children who are dealing with pica.

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Artists On Wheels is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization. Since 2001, our organization has been a valuable resourse for both the disabled and non-disabled communities. Our studio is equipped to handle any type of need the Artist wants to explore.

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The disTHIS! Film Series, a program of the Disabilities Network of New York City, showcases festival-quality comedies, satires, dramas & documentaries that offer ground-breaking interpretations of the disability experience.

Screenings are followed by audience “talk-backs” and appearances by
filmmakers, actors and other guests.

Acclaimed by film lovers with and without disabilities, disTHIS! is disability through a whole new lens. "No handkerchief necessary, no heroism required!" Always provocative; never what audiences expect.

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